For The Love Of Libby Grilled Cheese Sandwich

My friend Libby Elder from Lemony Thyme is the Queen of Grilled Cheese sandwiches. When I created my sandwich, I thought of her. So in honor of Queen Libby, I created a cheesy grilled cheese sandwich that has 5 cheeses!  Grated Parmesan is on the outside of the bread and 4 mildly creamy cheeses on the inside.  


Thick slices of your favorite bread

Butter, softened So you can easily spread it on your bread

Parmesan cheese, grated (not the powdered kind)

2-3 slices of Monterey Jack cheese

2-3 slices Sharp Cheddar

2-3 slices Swiss Cheese

Sliced Fresh Mozzarella 

Butter your bread and pile on the Parmesan. 

Load the inside of your sandwich with cheese. 

Butter the outside of the bread and liberally cover it with grated Parmesan cheese. Place it down on your griddle or pan.  Quickly lay slices of cheese on the inside of the bread.  Prepare the the top of the bread with butter and Parmesan cheese. My bread was sliced thick and it was long so I used 3 slices of each cheese to completely cover the bread.  Grill to golden brown and cheese has melted inside of your sandwich.  I think this is a sandwich the Queen would love and give her stamp of approval. Enjoy!



13 thoughts on “For The Love Of Libby Grilled Cheese Sandwich

  1. Oh my goodness Cyndee! This looks and sounds so good! Cudos to you! Can’t wait to try!

    Sent from Chris’s iPad


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