Copycat Chicken Salad Chick Buffalo Barclay Chicken Salad

I love chicken salad. Recently I tried the Buffalo Barclay at Chicken Salad Chick. A delightful Buffalo Chicken Salad that not over spicy. However, I have suggestions if you would like to kick it up a notch if you like it hot and spicy. This recipe is low carb, depending on how you eat it. Plain as as scoop, low carb, as a sandwich, not low carb!


I rotisserie chicken, skin off and deboned

1/2 cup mayonnaise

5 Tablespoons sour cream

5 Tablespoons Buffalo Wing Sauce (I used Sweet Baby Ray’s) or for a spicier taste, use Franks RedHot Wing Sauce

Salt and pepper to taste

1 cup chopped celery

Place chicken in your stand mixer. Use your mixer to shred the chicken. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well. For low carb, eat as is or make a salad and use ranch dressing for a drizzle. Or enjoy as a sandwich. I think you will find this recipe delicious. Enjoy!


21 thoughts on “Copycat Chicken Salad Chick Buffalo Barclay Chicken Salad

  1. I have been craving this and was so happy to find your recipe! During this time of COVID staying at home I didn’t have the benefit of a rotisserie chicken, but I had several cans of premium chunk chicken breast from Costco that worked just fine. What a brilliant idea to use the standing mixer to shred the chicken and then mix everything together! I love everything about this recipe – thank you! What a treat during a stressful time.

    • Thank you so much Christine! This is my oldest sons favorite. I bought canned chicken in case I could not rotisserie chicken. I don’t shop much but I plan on using up my can chicken making chicken salad. Be sure to check out my other copycat chicken salads from Chicken Salad Chick. I have several posted and there is always room for more!

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  3. What is the nutrition information for this recipe? And how many servings does it provide? Trying to track my calories and macros🤗

  4. Oh so good!! Buffalo Barclay is one of my favorites! I subbed greek yogurt for sour cream as that’s what I had on hand. Next time (and there will definitely be a next time!) I will chop the celery finer. I had always wanted to know how they got their chicken so smooth and creamy – never thought about using my stand mixer!! Thank you so, so much!

  5. Thank you for sharing. How many cans of chicken would you suggest for this recipe. I didn’t know how many cups of chicken you usually get out of a rotisserie chicken.

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