Best Iced Coffee

Just in time for National Coffee Month (August), I am giving you the best iced coffee recipe on the planet. Don’t like ice coffee?  I wasn’t too fond of it myself until my friend Doreen turned me on to them. Now, I am hooked. This recipe is better than any you can order at a coffee shop or drive through window. You can even flavor it if you wish. I have some tips and suggestions in this recipe that will make it the best. 


Coffee to make coffee ice cubes

Coffee creamer Dunkin Donuts Extra Creamy*

Additional coffee for your cup/glass

1/2 teaspoon vanilla, optional**

Bailey’s Irish Cream Liquour,  optional***

I use coffee in some of my recipes. When I need coffee for a recipe, I make it in a cream pitcher or gravy boat. Why?  Because it has a spout and makes pouring so much easier, especially in your ice cube tray. 

Fill your glass, mug or beverage container with the coffee ice cubes you have made. I did 60-40 ratio of cream and coffee. I knew as the ice melted, my drink would not water down.  It’s totally up to you how much cream or coffee you put in your glass. Insert straw and enjoy the deliciousness!

*I am not a paid spokesperson for Dunkin Donuts Creamer but I am telling you it’s the best to use in ice coffee. 

**No need to buy syrups for flavored vanilla coffee. I added vanilla extract and it was delicious. 

**Not a paid spokesperson for Baileys either but it sure is tasty in coffee. 

3 thoughts on “Best Iced Coffee

  1. I’m just beginning to appreciate iced coffee, and your method sounds so easy and good. If I can’t find that Dunkin’ Donuts creamer here, I may have to improvise with real cream and simple syrup or something. (I like to freeze extra coffee in ice cube trays too, because I can’t drink really hot coffee, so I just drop one in to cool it off.)
    92 degrees tomorrow; you can be sure I’ll be trying this ❤

    • Thank you Lorinda! I still drink it hot in the morning when I wake up. But I sure do love ice coffee. I hope you can find the creamer. To me, it seems creamier and a little thicker than normal creamer. It’s soooo good. I know we would be coffee friends if we lived closer. 😘

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