Decorating Easter Cupcakes

The key to a pretty cupcake is the icing tip you use and the icing. It can’t be too soft or so stiff that your pastry bag breaks. The frosting I used in these pictures is homemade, the scratch stuff. Canned frosting at the grocery store is too soft to pipe. Sorry.

I always prefer to decorate cupcakes or cakes with edible decor. Whether it gets eaten or tossed, it’s better than someone, especially a child eating something they should not. I used peanut M&Ms in the nest. Jelly beans can also be used. I used Peeps for the chicks and the bunnies. They are inexpensive and very colorful.

The bunny cupcakes are decorated with a 1M Wilton tip. I start from the outside edge and go around in a circle until I build up the center.

For the bird nest, I used tip 233 Wilton. It looks like grass. Or long pieces of spaghetti if you make it long. I just went around in circles with that tip. I built up the sides for the nests. It doesn’t have to be perfect, remember real birds nests are not perfect.

Have fun. Your kids big and small will love them. ❤️❤️❤️





2 thoughts on “Decorating Easter Cupcakes

  1. Those are so cute. I really need to invest in some tips. I keep telling myself I won’t use them enough, but then I see cupcakes like yours and think they look so great I should at least try. If I do, and mine don’t look like yours (and we both know they won’t), I’m totally holding you responsible.

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